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$10,000 Raffle Event

$10,000 Raffle Event 2021--It May Be a Bit Different, But We're Still Going to Have Some Fun!

This year our 10K raffle event will be virtually with the drawing to take place on May 6, 2021. We know, we know, you are probably thinking, "It won't be fun. We won't get to fellowship with our friends and family." Well, that's not how we see it...remember our enjoyment in anything that we do is based on our mindset.  Plus, with Fr. Jason, partaking in this event virtually, it will be like a broadcasted comedy show. You all know how he keeps us in stitches with his humor and frankness. We're sure you will not want to miss this live event!

So this year, mark your calendars, purchase your tickets and get ready to pull up your chairs for this live virtual event. Grab some friends and get ready for a good show.

Before concluding, we want to share with you a few suggestions if you are considering purchasing raffle tickets:

  1. Give a ticket as a gift for someone. Maybe the person that has everything, your grandkids, your favorite priest, your parents. Your gift will be serving two purposes and may even become a grander gift.
  2. Consider purchasing a ticket on behalf of your favorite charity or organization, maybe even to support a scholorship program, the homeless or whatever warms your heart.
  3. Buy a ticket with a group. Maybe you can't afford to do $100, but you can do $20. Suggest a group buy-in with co-workers, family or friends.  Then if you become big winners, maybe you can have a crawfish boil or bar-b-que. Heck, you may even be able to go on a group trip.

Now, with all joking aside, we understand our current times have added additional stressers for some of us. It's okay if you cannot purchase a ticket. We do understand. You can show your support by watching us.

While we don't have all the details for this lined-up and ready to share with you just yet, we can tell you that it's probably a real good idea if you have Facebook to make sure you like the St. Joseph Catholic Church, French Settlement page, wink, wink.

Tickets are $100 each and are being sold after each weekend mass. We will continue to have them available until they are all sold or the date of the event has arrived. We'll also be keeping you updated here on our church website as well as on our Facebook page.


(Past event pics.)