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Online Giving

Welcome Parishioners to the electronic age of stewardship! We are pleased to introduce online giving to our parish cluster. St. Joseph / St. Stephen is one of the first ten parishes in the Diocese of Baton Rouge to utilize this technology for offertory giving. We hope that you enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that online giving provides.

To begin using online giving, please click on the appropriate parish link on the bottom of this page. You will be directed to our secure website. You will then need to click "Create New Account" to begin.

Online Giving offers:
--The flexibility of electronic bank drafts, or payment by Visa or Mastercard.
--The opportunity to give twice a month, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
--The ability to contribute to the (1) regular weekly collection, (2) parish-specific collections (such as the monthly "Building & Maintenance Fund" collection at St. Stephen, or the weekly "Debt Reduction / Capital Campaign" collection at St. Joseph), as well as special projects (such as the parking lot at St. Stephen or the bell tower fund at St. Joseph).

Two important notes about Online Giving:
--Second collections that happen once a year throughout the United States (examples: Peter's Pence, the Church in Latin America, the Retirement Fund for Religious) cannot be processed through this service. You will still need to contribute to these funds by using your stewardship envelope provided by Our Sunday Visitor.
--Online giving is a contracted service that involves transaction fees, which the church parish pays on our end (1% - 2% of the value of the transaction) so that you can enjoy this convenience. As you consider how much to give to the parish each month, we simply ask that you consider giving an extra dollar per month to help us pay for this service, since it is offered for your convenience.

Thank you for your generosity!


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